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If you have taken the Phenomenal Stress-Management and Self-Management Trainings and/or the trainings of Institute of Human Memory Development  from COFW and you would like to share your success story with the world through this page and through other medias, please email us your story at feedback@cofw.co.





“COFW Trainings have taught me how to live my life Beautifully. There has been a lot of comfort in my life since attending the trainings. Through these trainings I have had true Self-Realization. It amazes me to see myself doing so many things in my life that I could never have done before. My heart has been cleaned of all lifetime complains, and I have learned to Love.  


If you want to Enhance the Quality of Your Life, If you want to learn the meaning of Love, If you want to sustain Beautiful Relationships, then you must go through the path of Self-Management Services. My life has changed, I feel as pure as the first ray of the rising sun.”  


Hina Dilpazeer - Actress, Model, TV Host and a Singer




“Before getting trained by COFW professionals I had been facing many serious health issues. Several of my retail outlets were suffering loses and I was facing a difficult relationship with my employees. COFW trainings brought an amazing transformation in my personal life, my health, my relationships as well as my business started showing signs of improvement within two weeks of training. Today COFW trainings are an essential part of my life. I cannot imagine living, working and enjoying my everyday life without it.”  


Imtiaz Hussain – Chairman, Imtiaz Supermarket - One of Pakistan’s Largest Chain of Retail Stores




“Living in USA I had reached last stage of cancer where a panel of doctors of one of the top hospitals in the state of Virginia declared that I had only few days to live. I was in the last stage of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma (Stomach Cancer). In spite of spending million dollars in chemotherapy and medical treatment and after a year of painful treatment I had reached where medical science could do no more. In this dark and hopeless time my life received the ray of light in the form of COFW Trainings. These trainings miraculously allowed me to recover from this last stage of cancer back into a healthy state and within months my body started to show signs of returning health and I could begin to feel life sprouting inside me. In addition to receiving the gift of health through ‘Phenomenal Stress and Self-Management’ I also joined the Human Intelligences Development Program and was not only able to cover up the lost time of my education but was able to excel and accelerate through my college studies.”  


Maham Bano – Cancer Survivor, Virginia, U.S.A.




“Dr. Mohammad Alam has given the COFW training program as a huge gift to humanity and it does miracles. Human Intelligences Development Program allowed extreme growth in my art work. I am able to access, use and express more of my creative potential from the subconscious mind. Now, everything in my life has become a huge success.”  


Mehtab Ali – Renowned Artist and Philanthropist






“After taking COFW Trainings wherever I am today I have become LOVE. If from time-to-time I face negative situations in life I am given the biggest gift as a blessing that I have the Awareness to SHIFT.” Thank you to COFW for everything.”  


Firdaus Haider - Renowned Drama Writer and Author





"I have been coming to Karachi, Pakistan frequently for my business purpose. I completed the second level of Self Management Services in April 2014, on my 6th travel to Pakistan. Taking sessions of Self Management Services became one of the great reasons to come to Karachi.

Right after I saw a booklet with the logo of “Self-Management Services” at my home staying family’s table and checked the website of COFW, I decided to visit the place with my home-staying family who was already taking some sessions.

At that time I was very much disturbed by stresses and after taking several sessions and learned how to “Become Love”, I became a different person. I feel I am spending better qualities of time while working and playing.

My reasons of actions changed also. I used to do everything to avoid fearful situations. But now the motivation of my actions are Joy and Happiness.

I love the way COFW teaches because the sessions are well structured. Easy to understand with visual aids. I strongly think it’s great to spread the concept of Self Management Services to everyone around the world."


Jun Kitamura, Business Researcher and Founder of a Non-Profit Organization - Japan



“A dear friend introduced me to the Stress and Self-Management Trainings by COFW. We (myself, wife and 2 kids) travelled to COFW, Dubai from Jeddah for SMS trainings.  

To say the least, our experience was nothing less than extraordinary.  

I can say that this way of life projected by SMS is an eye opener, as most of us are bonded to self-styled limitations in a world of endless possibilities. I was living my life in pursuit of happiness oblivious of the fact that happiness is temporary but JOY is permanent. That tying happiness with material possessions or enforcing it upon relations, results in its exact opposite. The key is to look for joy inside yourself and paint the world in that joy.  

I learnt that love is way more than the contemporary concepts of love which enfolds the whole of universe and is accessible to everyone. I learnt that love is boundless, limitless, indiscriminate and generous.  

I realized that the easiest technique to gain abundance is to part with complaints and remain in a state of gratitude and acceptance. I also realized that the purpose of life is to serve with humility and discretion, since the whole universe is serving us, we can at least reciprocate.     

I remain grateful to COFW who is doing a wonderful job in enlightening lives, One Life At A Time…!”


̶   Wajahat Shaikh (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)

Chief Financial Officer

Success Story of COFW, U.A.E. Branch



“I would like to acknowledge COFW Trainings for giving me a new life.  


Exactly, three months ago, I couldn’t even get off of my bed and it seemed that life was finished in me. I was diagnosed with multiple medical conditions like depression, anemia, ovarian cyst, low BP, osteoporosis, thyroid, Vitamin D deficiency and migraine.  


COFW enabled me to claim back charge of my life, to take responsibility of all events happening in my life, to face adversity and not turn my back to harsh realities. I was told to let go of bad memories that most of us carry as extra baggage, get rid of complaints in my life and to live a new life of gratitude. I learnt to love unconditionally. I felt life coming back inside me as I started shedding extra emotional burden. I started feeling energized with every passing day and looked at life from a positive perspective.  


The technology they used during the training reinforced my joyous self within. They helped me to shift from a complaining state to the state of gratitude and suddenly life has become so bright and shiny.  


I always wanted to be a famous and successful singer, now I have enrolled myself for formal vocal training and I am sure I am going to set world record. Today I work out every day, I do strength training, cardio, yoga, pilates, body pump, spinning, and dancing.  


After the COFW trainings, my medical conditions have disappeared as if they were never there, I’m not depressed anymore. Now I don’t need any event, outing, vacation to be happy… I have learnt to feel joyful whenever I want.  


I have now embraced the Stress and Self-Management lifestyle and have already started reaping benefits, resulting in bliss, joy and freedom. All credit goes to COFW Trainings for transforming my life!”   


̶  Midhat Javeria (Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)

Success Story of COFW, U.A.E. Branch

“From a deep state of depression, COFW Phenomenal Stress and Self-Management System allowed me not only to step out of the depressive state without any medication but also return back to work at a higher performance level. Allowing growth which I could not have achieved at a normal course of my career.”  


Senior Corporate Executive of a European Multi-Billion Dollar Organization






“I discovered COFW through a television morning show where one of their consultants was giving a presentation about their trainings, one of the live callers spoke about her experience with them and explained how she managed to control her health issue with their trainings. Since, I also had a major health issue I decided to get in touch with them. At the initial meeting I did not understand their approach but as I started taking sessions the content started to unfold and since then it has been an amazing journey full of surprises and a re-confirmation of a lot of things that I had been reading here and there. My health issue had guided me towards spirituality and a journey of self-discovery.


One has to experience the trainings to get the maximum benefits from it.”


  Neelofer - Karachi, Pakistan




Success Story - Female Working Professional with Behavioral Issues  


One professionally competent female worker of a multi-national organization had received final warning to her continued unprofessional behavior. Her anger and poor relationship with the internal team members and external suppliers had brought her to a point of career suicide. Through a friend and colleague’s reference she joined the COFW program and after completing her training and counseling sessions she was not only able to receive good performance reviews but was also recommended for a promotion. In the following quarter she was promoted and now she leads the same department and enjoys good relations with her colleagues and external suppliers.



Success Story - Male Working Professional with Performance Issues  


In spite of working hard, one professional from the finance divisions of a multi-national organization was consistently receiving poor performance reviews. His declining productivity had also started to impact health. His line manager had given the recommendation for his termination, as every conventional method of performance improvement had failed. One of the human resource consultants as a desperate last attempt referred the case to COFW’s Phenomenal Stress and Self-Management System. After the training program the individual had not only stepped out of his medical issues but his performance and quality of work and relationships with team members had greatly improved.  


Now, he finishes his workday at 4 p.m. ahead of time and spends the last hour socializing. His performance is at the top of his team and after several years, this year he was able to take a one month happy vacation with his family.



Success Story - Team Performance Turnaround  


A team of three thousand five hundred (3,500) employees had been performing poorly for eight quarters in a row. The corporation made the decision to shut down the division. One of the executives who had completed COFW’s trainings suggested that the team of COFW should be consulted and the team should be given another chance before shutting down. The team of COFW was brought in and in one month’s consultation targets, timelines, and performance model was setup. The team was given six months to show their turnaround. After the first quarter the team had already moved into single digit positive operating zone. By the end of second quarter the team had generated net positive cash flows and all the members were working at one of their highest motivational levels ever seen. The corporation allowed the team six more months extension based on their performance improvements and by the end of the year the team had exceeded all targets and generated cash inflows to the tune of 1.3 Billion Euros, surpassing all their historic corporate records.


This phenomenal turnaround success story not only allowed the organization to maintain 3,500 jobs but that division was given the status of Growth Sectors for further investments.