Phenomenal Stress and Self-Management



Phenomenal Stress and Self-Management System

Provided by Self-Management Services

Ensuring Your Journey towards Stress-Free Living and Uplifting You to a More Joyful, Rich and Resilient Life through Our State-of-the-Art Technologies!

Stress is Not Natural, It's Acquired!

Change is the only constant in today's competitive ever changing world and the rate of change is on the rise as we move forward into the 21st Century. To remain competitive and even survive in such an ever changing and challenging environment, companies and organizations need to start preparing Today for a better Tomorrow.

These rapid changes, are putting extreme pressures on not only businesses and corporations but on countries and World Economy as a whole. These pressures are increasingly transferred to professionals, and executives on daily basis, resulting in unprecedented challenges that human mind, brain and body are not prepared to handle.

At COFW we offer you empowering ways to handle your stress and eliminate all stress caused illnesses to improve your health, increase productivity at work, make better relationships, motivate positive cooperation at workplace, develop greater leadership skills, increase positive decision making power, and gain the ability to get ahead at work with a clear and stress-free mind.

COFW is a leading service provider in the field of Stress-Management and Self-Management, providing the technologies for the well-being of your life and the well-being of your workplace and workforce.

Self-Management Services Delivers the following 13 Technologies

(8 Sessions - 14 Hours Course)


1. DNA Rejuvenation - A powerful sound track to Rejuvenate your DNA and Improve your Health.

2. Elixir of Life - Formula for acquiring all the Abundance plus 5 Wealths.

3. Financial Freedom - The world’s easiest and most effective system to attract Wealth and Prosperity.

4. Harmful Energy of Complaints vs. Beneficial Energy of Gratitude - The Ultimate Secret to Achieve a Sense of Satisfaction and Contentment in Life.

5. Introduction to the Technology of Self-Management - Through this technology you will learn the powerful formula of freedom that will allow you to manage yourself, so you better manage your environment. Learn to be Self-Reliant by taking control over all your INPUTS so you get only the desired OUTPUTS.

6. Kindness and Compassion through the Alignment of Words and Thoughts - The Science of Vibration and Energy.

7. Making of Structured Water

Transform the structure of water into hexagonal shape to awaken its beneficial elements to nurture and feed you body's deep thirst. The benefits of this technology are countless.

8. Relationship between Intention, Energy and Food - Transform your Health and Vitality through Energy and Intention on FOOD.

9. Technology of Brain-Coherence - High-Tech Left-Right Brain Synchronization for Improved Brain Functioning. Through this technology you will learn to replace your mental disturbance with Peace and Stability.

10. Technology of Flow and Five Wealths - The empowering system to achieve true synchronized wealth, the real key to create the life of your dreams.

11. Technology of Heart-Coherence - Stress Management System that Empowers You to Shift Your Emotional State for Well-Being.

12. Technology of Emotional Cleansing - The powerful system that allows you to simply let go of any negative thoughts and emotions in seconds. Transform your negative emotions into Powerful and Supportive Attitude.

13. The Science of Appreciation - Learn the power of gratitude, a system that will unleash infinite Abundance, Love and Joy in your life.