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Majority of population around the globe is continuously living under the influence of stress and performing at only 5% - 15% of their potential. Over 80% of that population displays PHYSICAL symptoms of stress which impacts individual, team and corporate performance.


Human resources are one of the most important assets of any organization. Often the organization’s success depends solely on how these individuals perform individually and collectively as teams under challenging and stressful conditions.


Every year corporations lose millions of dollars in failed projects, poor decisions and dysfunctional teams. Important business relationships are at risk, especially when employees interacting with customers are not trained in managing their personal and team emotional state. Due to these and many other reasons, corporations lose valuable time, assets and investments.


Consultants for Our Future World (Pvt) Ltd. (COFW) through its team of experts Enhance the Quality of Life and Activate the Seed of Human Potentials to Build High-Performance People.


Phenomenal Stress-Management and Self-Management System and Human Intelligences Development Program are amongst the two unique products of COFW.

By eliminating complexities of human behavior, Phenomenal Stress-Management and Self-Management System allows corporates to focus their energies on core business areas, allowing them to exceed and excel in their respective domains, while also managing healthy margins with healthy employees.


Human Intelligences Development Program through a combination of technologies such as: Natural Genius, Rapid-Reading, Mega-Memory, and Core Achievement Skills, assists organizations in enhancing performance levels of individuals.


Both of these technologies complement each other in ensuring that individuals and teams perform at their best level while having appropriate stress management tools.


COFW Designing Team is continuously working day-and-night to bring advancements in the fields of Human Well-Being and Human Performance Enhancement Technologies for Individuals, Teams, Corporates and Governments.

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