Memory Athlete


Exclusive Mental Sports Training

Memory Athlete

Master the 10 Disciplines of Mental Sports to Compete in the World Memory Championships!

25 sessions (3 hours a day) – 75 hours


The brain is designed to work on Neural Connections. If trained to make right neural connections, the brain is capable to achieve in minutes, what it can’t in years. It’s all about training the brain to take-in information in a way that will appear more interesting and appealing to your vast hidden potential.


When you learn to consciously use the techniques designed to enhance your memory, you will see how easy it becomes to remember something or forget it. With the control in your hands, you can virtually memorize at large, random numbers, faces, words, dates, and cards to an extent beyond imagination.


Anyone is capable of Mastering their Memory. With a little practice; you can be the next World Memory Champion. Memory Athlete Training Program teaches the following ten disciplines which are needed to win the World Memory Championships: