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World Memory Championship


Institute of Human Intelligences Development appointed one of its students to represent the country of Pakistan in the World Memory Championship 2013, United Kingdom.


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Launch of Level 3 Training Program


Self-Management Services is proud to announce the launch of Advance Level (Level 2) of our Phenomenal Stress and Self-Management System. Beginning this month, you can enroll in our State-of-the-Art Training Program.  


Our Trainings are better ever, Start Improving the Quality of Your Life and Bring Joy to the State of Living!


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Spreading Around the Globe!


With pure joy we announce the extension of our services in 4 more countries. We are finding more and more ways to reach out to you. Our highly professional and trained Consultants are waiting to serve you in these countries.  


   Japan                        Pakistan                    United Arab Emirates


    United Kingdom                   United States of America


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